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The Rat goes on vacation!

January 31st, 2020 by The Rat


To my pals at La Mision Homeschool– it was so much fun to blog with you!  I’m sad to say goodbye (sniffle!  sob!) but it’s time to give my ratty paws a rest and go on vacation.  I’ve been thinking I should try to improve my skiing, you know?  Because maybe, just maybe, if I work very very hard, I will be picked to compete in the next Rat Olympics!!  What do you think?  Is it even possible?

So here I am at Ratspen, a great place for an aspiring Rat Olympian to train.  Do you like my new snow goggles?  And my striped scarf that covers my perky ears?  (Rodent ears get cold easily, you know.)

One of the best things about Ratspen is that there are NO CATS HERE.  I guess they don’t like snow very much.  (Plus, I’ve never yet seen a cat who could ski.)

I had such a great time blogging with all of you, but now I must bid you a sweet rodent farewell… how you brightened my gloomy, ratty days!  Take care, be kind to any rodents you meet, and do yourselves a favor– WATCH OUT FOR CATS!!