When Mommy Was Mad
In the book, emotions take tangible form in the illustrations: Mommy wears an apron with lightning zigzags, Daddy has a black cloud over his head.
Children work in groups of three or more to dramatize a story, using icons that they create to express various emotions. One child narrates, one holds up the appropriate icon, and a third reacts with dramatic facial and body language when the icon is held up.
Drama, art, social skills, emotional intelligence. Variations will occur to the teacher: can the class tell which story is being told if the narrator is silent? Later, this can be done as improvisational theater; a common scenario can be acted out from the playground or lunchroom. At a crucial point actors in the story can choose between various "emoticons."
Grade level
The process of looking over the icons and selecting one emphasizes that we have power to choose our reactions to various situations.
When Mommy Was Mad