When Mommy Was Mad
Mommy was mad, but the boys didn't know why. Had they done smething wrong? Or was she mad at Daddy? Either way, nothing they try seems to fix things ... until Robbie does something surprising!
“Mama said there'd be days like this; they're not the end of the world, but it sure is a relief to be lifted out of them ... when Robbie takes Mommy's face in his ... hands and explains, 'First you sniff noses to make friends. Then you smooth down the prickles,' readers will smile along with them.”

“... this story dramatizes intense family feelings from a small child's viewpoint ... There's laughter and no overt therapy, but kids will recognize the fear and guilt they feel when adults lose their temper.”

“Fans of the other Christopher and Robbie books will want to purchase Jonell and Mather's latest offering.”

When Mommy Was Mad
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