I Need a Snake (Project 3 of 3)
Robbie longs for a snake but his mother says "no." So he uses his imagination to create his own snakes from a shoelace, jump-rope, and belt.
Using old belts from home or a thrift shop, children glue on various "found" objects and create their own belt snakes. They name the snake and come up with a description of where it lives, what it eats, various behaviors, identifying marks, and a warning for their particular snake.
Science, classification. Precede this project with a lesson on how animals are described in terms of habitat, behavior, diet, etc. You may also wish to schedule a visit from a naturalist who will bring snakes to your classroom.
Grade level
3-5. This is an excellent group project.
This idea was used at Dahlgren Elementary in Washington, D.C. My favorite snake was the "Chew-toy-tailed Biscuit-backed Three-eyed Anaconda" (babies are born with one dog biscuit on their backs, and each year they grow another one.)
I Need a Snake