I Need a Snake
Robbie desperately wants a snake, but Mommy is not so sure. She says he will have to wait until he is grown-up, because snakes are too scary. But Robbie knows better, and sets out to prove it. It doesn't take him long to find some very unusual snakes that even Mommy likes!
Awards and Honors
Starred review, School Library Journal
Listed in Best Books of 1998, School Library Journal
Bank Street College Best Children’s Books of the Year
“This book is a true commentary on a loving parent-child relationship...the boy's creative spirit will win the applause of the many children who have unsuccessfully begged for a pet.”

“Jonell understands the passions of boyhood...and her observations harbor a dry wit that parents will recognize.”

“The simple, immediate text and the childlike crayon illustrations express the push and pull in a loving family and the child's natural attraction for what makes grownups shudder.”

I Need a Snake
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