Mom Pie
Company is coming for dinner, and Mommy is too busy for Christopher and Robbie. Even knowing that they are going to have three kinds of pie doesn't help the boys feel better—until Christopher gets an idea. Why not make a Mom Pie? They may not be able to eat it, but it will be better than having no Mommy at all!
“This expert team on parent and sibling dynamics navigates another family challenge—what to do when there's just not enough Mom to go around ... Jonell and Mathers respectfully portray the small dramas of a child's world, with the zoom-in focus of the child's perspective.”

“Poignant, but funny, this one is sure to resonate with readers, both adult and child. A touching and astute tale about keeping the important things in perspective for frazzled moms and their bewildered offspring.”

“Here's the fourth installment of life in the sharply funny, stick-figure world of Jonell and Mathers ... the story's happy resolution is roundly satisfying.”

Mom Pie
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