At Schools
Age appropriate talks for grades K-8 include an interactive art lesson and time for questions. Focus is on identifying interests, following passions, not giving up, creative process, and behind-the-scenes stories about the creation of my books. 
Audio-Visual Equipment Needs
I need an LCD projector, screen, microphone (lapel or headset preferred) and an overhead projector or document camera.
Bookmaking Week
Grades 4-6. A project for an entire grade level, usually three to four classes. The children, with hands-on tutorials and feedback from Lynne, write and illustrate hardcover picture books which they can then read to children in lower grades.
Day 1 Writing tutorial, rough drafts
Day 2: Art tutorial, final drafts, begin illustrations
Day 3: Paste-up, pagination, and poster design tutorial
Day 4: Lynne presents assemblies for the entire school.
Bookmaking classes continue work on books. Each child writes a paragraph about what was memorable about this week.
Day 5: Complete illustrations, paste up books. One or two children from each class selected to read their paragraphs for parents at the evening celebration.
Evening Celebration: Scheduled for the following week. Invite parents to a short presentation, "meet the authors," view and read the books on display, and have refreshments. (If school is in the Twin Cities, Lynne will attend the celebration and sign books on this evening. If not, schedule book signing for Friday.)
  For Days 1-3 and Day 5, Lynne presents to each class for 20 minutes, gives individual help and feedback for 40 minutes.
Teachers' Workshops
Writing Workshop for Teachers:
Learn a story structure that’s easy to use, the two big questions to ask about the main character, and ideas for getting to the emotional center of a story. Lynne will offer a glimpse into her own creative process as well as some tricks she uses to get past sticking points. Teachers will leave with some great ideas for teaching writing to their students, as well as inspiration for their own writing.

Blogging with Ratty:
Hooking the Reader through Online Interaction
Lynne discusses how a promotional idea turned into a surprisingly effective way to engage reluctant readers, and show how you can bring the Ratblog to your students.

Writing Workshops
The First Two Pages: A hands-on demonstration
of common manuscript problems and how to fix them.
Manuscript problems often show up in the first two pages. Drawing from anonymously submitted class samples, Lynne will highlight what is working, what is not, and demonstrate concrete ways to fix common problems. (It is not necessary to submit work to attend this workshop, but if you do submit, your work may be selected for discussion.) 

Steps to Publication
Getting from the point where you make your first attempt at a book to the point where you become a published author can be a long and arduous process, and sensible people tend to quit early. But if you’re not sensible, if you’re driven to write no matter what, then it can be useful to get a clearer idea of the steps along the way, to identify where you are in the process, and to learn what’s going on behind the scenes and what you can expect as you proceed on the path to publication.

Lynne will walk you through the stages as she experienced them, in the hopes that it will help you creak open that gate called publishing. There will be breaks for questions.
Testimonials - Schools
“I have had more parent requests for Lynne Jonell to return to our school than any other performer or resident artist in my time here as principal.”
“From the beginning, students were engaged and interested… Lynne was wonderful to work with… she was very organized.”
“Lynne Jonell was very personable and comfortable working with our young students. She kept the program moving, to hold their attention. Students AND staff loved the art lesson!”
Testimonials - Writers Workshops
“Lynne’s session on revision/editing was the best conference type session I’d ever been to in terms of hands-on usefulness.”
“I cannot recommend Lynne highly enough.” 
Inviting Lynne to Speak
Lynne has been invited to speak at conferences for writers, teachers, and media specialists. She has addressed community groups both large and small, and has been a guest lecturer at high schools and universities. She is particularly interested in speaking about the creative process and the use of fantasy in children's literature.

Lynne is currently based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Please contact Lynne Jonell to inquire about current fees.


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