Hamster Magic
Celia Willow is the baby of the family, but she wishes she wasn’t. She’s sick of being younger and smaller. She’s tired of never being taken seriously. So when her hamster surprises the Willows with his wish-granting powers, Celia blurts out her deepest desire.

The problem? Celia didn’t exactly wish to be furry

Now what? Her big brothers and sister can’t let their parents see her like this, but they only have the night to fix things. How can Abner, Tate, and Derek reverse something as powerful as hamster magic … before breakfast?

In the tradition of Edward Eager and E. Nesbit, Lynne Jonell’s Hamster Magic is a high-spirited tale of mixed-up magic and wishes gone wrong.
Junior Library Guild selection
Minnesota Book Award nomination
Texas Bluebonnet Award 2012-2013 nomination
Hamster Magic
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