Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat
Emmy tried hard to be good, but no one seemed to notice— except for the Rat. And he was rather sarcastic ... What had happened to make her parents stop caring about her? And why do the kids at school seem to hardly know she exists? Could it have anything to do with Miss Barmy, the nanny who kept forcing Emmy to drink and eat the strangest things?
Booklist Editors Choice
Minnesota Book Award finalist
School Library Journal Best Books of 2007
“... A lustrous affair, a droll fantasy with an old-fashioned sweep and a positively cinematic cast. The beginning will hook readers right away.”
“Children are likely to find themselves laughing out loud... a medley of endearing characters adds to an already delightful read.”
Jonell takes readers on a merry, sometimes scary romp... It’s fun to watch remarkably good Emmy and especially bad Barmy spar.”
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Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking
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