The Sign of the Cat
Duncan McKay has a special talent—he can speak Cat, a skill that is useful when he hears rumors at a midnight cat council that kittens are disappearing mysteriously throughout the island kingdom of Arvidia.  But more than that is amiss.  The king is sick, the princess is missing, and Duncan himself has a fearful mother who instructs her son to never, ever do his best.  Putting his life in great danger, Duncan sails away on an epic quest to discover his true identity, restore justice to the kingdom, and save the country’s cats from a sinister kitten-squishing villain.
“The ability to communicate with cats allows young Duncan McKay to survive an abduction, rescue a lost princess, and triumph over a wily enemy. Jonell's smooth writing style and clever plotting, along with the inclusion of talking cats, elevate and enliven this fantasy… Intriguing, well-drawn characters, evocatively described settings, plenty of action, and touches of humor combine to create an utterly satisfying adventure.”
“An engaging story of friendship, high seas adventure, and bravery with themes echoing Harry Potter, Treasure Island, andthe Warrior Cats… It is a story of balancing being true to yourself and being true to your destiny.”
“With a classic fairy tale–esque feel, this high seas adventure of discovery and betrayal is a good bet for advanced readers who are ready for longer, more challenging books, but not more mature content.”
“Jonell offers an adventurous, swashbuckling tale… Younger readers will love Duncan’s kitten companion, Fia, and the majestic tiger Brig.”
“While the seafaring scenes are nicely detailed, and life on the boat is vividly shown, the talking cats, entertaining and full of personality, are the best part. A cross between Treasure Island and Erin Hunter’s popular Warriors series that should please fans of both.”
“Flights of fantasy and rich description, a tiger named Brigadier and a kitten named Fia and a couple of credibly drawn youngsters — what more could a kid want?”
The Sign of the Cat
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