It's My Birthday, Too!
Christopher is having a birthday; little brother Robbie wants one, too. At the very least, he wants to come to the party, but Christopher says no. Last year, Robbie wrecked everything! Robbie gets mad—but then he has an idea. Maybe there's a way he can come to the party, after all!
Starred review, Booklist
Booklist Editor’s Choice
Starred review, School Library Journal
Rave Reviews, Sesame Street Parents
IRA-CBC Children’s Choice List
Bank Street College Best Children’s Books of the Year
“An immensely appealing story of brotherly dynamics, and the sparks they throw off ... gleeful in its simplicity.”

“The focus is sibling rivalry ... the younger boy subverts the party, mucks up the cake, steals the show and adds to the fun for everyone, including the birthday boy. Kids will get the strong feelings ... [and] the picture of the two brothers face to face at the end is as loving as you can get.”

“Jonell and Mathers hit the bull's eye with this look at sibling rivalry ... Robbie and Christopher forge the resolution themselves, and it feels both satisfying and authentic.”

It's My Birthday, Too!
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